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Genealogy Forms for Easy Research #genealogy

by Jenine E. Trayer
copyright 2016

Several years ago I created a number of easy to fill out forms to use in my genealogy research.  I’m sharing them here so that they can assist you, too in your exciting mystery tour of finding your ancestors!  Click on the underlined word for a downloadable pdf of each of the documents I created.

Multipletodo — A Multiple To Do List with hints on the side of what you are looking for.  This document is especially handy when you are visiting physical sites and don’t want to forget any data you would like to retrieve.

Gravediggertodo — This task sheet has two large blocks to write in and has two lists on the left.  The first list is what you have collected (so you don’t go looking for it again for the same people) and what you still need to find.

Newspaperrecordsheet — This is one of the most useful forms I have created.  My husband and I pull a great many newspaper records to add to our genealogy files.  This form gives a big space for you to paste your photo copy of the article as well as cite the information.  Not only have I used this for our genealogy work, I’ve utilized it for my research on Braucherei practitioners through history as well.  The sheet looks very nice in your genealogy binder collection and clearly provides all relevant information.

newspaperrecordsheetlarge — Sometimes news articles are rather large, or span several columns that are broken by ads and such.  This record keeper has a larger space for those more voluminous pieces.  It does not have the cite information box; but, it does have a note box where you can cite your source easily.

FamilyMysterySheet — This is one of my favorites!  We all have those family mysteries — too many people with the same name in multiple generations and  you lose someone, or everyone says they are buried at so-in-so cemetery, but there is no record — or, you find a large number of mistakes in the records you are searching (no wonder you can’t find them — how could you possible turn the name Hinkle into Pucknell?  But, they do.  Oh, yes they Do!  You say to yourself, “This person did not just vaporize.  I will find the record, I will discover what happened to them!  I shall overcome!” And, you will.  I like this form because it carries your thoughts and notes as you journey through time — sleuthing and pondering, considering and eventually…succeeding!  Your journey is just as important as the records you are researching.  It is an experience worth recording for generations to come.  Use this form to show those who come after you the hard work that you did!

The Cemetery Record Sheets (Front and Back) go beyond the Find A Grave Format, allowing you to make a detailed record of your visit to the resting place of the loved one.  From headstone to footer description, military insignia, shape, size, color, material — there is plenty of room to write as much as you like.  I created a second page so that you can put a photo collage there, or a single large photo.  These records sheets look very nice in your genealogy collection and shows your expertise when gathering that important information!



The Fast Fact Library Archive Sheet is a series of three tickets you can use when you are gathering information at the library or historical society, etc.  You know how it is — you are only there for a window of time and you are pulling as much information on as many people as you can.  You grab it all and jam it into a notebook or folder so you can sort through it later.  These tickets can help to keep you organized while you are working, or you can use them afterwards, attaching them to the information you gathered until you can sit down and properly annotate everything and put it where it belongs.  That way, those snugly winter afternoons with your hot chocolate, ancestry notes, and documents will be spent in bliss rather than the frustration of spending hours looking for things when you could have been building your scrapbook!  FastFactLibrary

Road Trip!  RoadTripFormpdf This form is all about your journey!  Where did you go?  How long did it take you?  How many miles did you drive?  How much did the fuel cost?  Add a few pictures!  Talk about what other things you saw, or interesting people you met.  This delightful form will help make your ancestry research interesting to friends and family for years to come.

I hope that you enjoy using the forms I created.  They are not for re-sale — they are free to the public to use as you desire in your research.  All forms are copyrighted as my design, which appears on the bottom of each form.  Please post about how you used the forms, and if they are helpful to you!

Keep Sleuthing!
Jenine E. Trayer


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2 thoughts on “Genealogy Forms for Easy Research #genealogy

  1. Marlene Badger on said:

    Just love the forms, THANKS!!!

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